A03 Group

A03 Challenges for unexplored frontiers

We will develop unmanned exploration vehicle technologies to elucidate unknown areas such as the topographic features beneath the ice shelves and the characteristics of seawater, and in order to establish the base. Meanwhile, we aim to measure the surface shape of the Antarctic sea ice, glaciers, and land areas in high resolution using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Principal Investigator
Yoshifumi NOGI (National Institute of Polar Research)
Shigeru AOKI (Hokkaido University)
Hiroshi YOSHIDA (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Toshihiro MAKI (The University of Tokyo)
Kyoko OKINO (The University of Tokyo)
Yuichi AOYAMA (National Institute of Polar Research)
Takeshi TAMURA (National Institute of Polar Research)
Tetsuo SUEYOSHI (National Institute of Polar Research)
Research Collaborator
Takeshi NAKAYA (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Masakazu ARIMA (Osaka Prefecture University)
Masakazu FUJII (National Institute of Polar Research)
Hirokazu YAMAGATA (The University of Tokyo)