A01-2 Paleoclimate dynamics of the Southern Ocean
The Role
We will reconstruct paleoceanographic variability of the Southern Ocean from the Pliocene epoch of five million years, through to the present day.  We will elucidate the interaction between the dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Antarctic Bottom Water, sea ice, and global climate change.
Research overview
We will conduct an in-situ monitoring and collect samples in collaboration with the bottom water group. We will conduct sediment trap experiments in collaboration with the ecosystem group and clarify the seasonal variation of the sinking particles in the polar frontal zone and the seasonal ice zone.  We will unravel the influence of sea-ice coverage on the biogeochemical processes, improve the accuracy of paleoceanographic proxies, and develop new ones.
We will reconstruct the variations of surface water temperature, salinity, nutrient salt, winter sea- ice distribution, dust input, and biological pump using deep-sea sediment cores in the Southern Ocean.  We will also clarify the process of shifting from the glacial period to the warm period and the dynamics of the Southern Ocean variability over the glacial-interglacial cycles in collaboration with the ice sheet group.
We will elucidate the interaction of the ocean circulation, sea-ice distribution changes in the Southern Ocean, the Antarctic ice sheet, sea level, and global climate change from the Pliocene warm period through the quarterly period, when the earth cooled, and in the super warm period. We will conduct this project in collaboration with the solid earth group and the modelling group.